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The Raina Kirkland Series, also known as the Paranormal Washington Series, is insane fun! If you're looking for a series that will keep you on the edge of your seat, look no further. It's gory, it's funny, it's SEXY, it's scary, but it is never ever boring! Together the series is known as Paranormal Washington.
Dark Whimsy is an Adult Coloring Book. My artistic style is wild and playful, if not a touch dark. Coloring my complex hand drawn musings will provide hours of stress relief as you calm your mind and have fun rediscovering the simple joy of coloring again! 25 Uniquely Dark and Whimsical Hand Drawn Zentangle Pieces! Warning: This book contains some nudity.

The Zombie Book
Erin is a single mom facing the Zombie Apocalypse alone until she stumbles...is chased by a horde of rotting corpses, into an adorkable group of bad ass zombie hunting, video game playing man-children and their sweet doting Gran Gran/ mad genius...​
But if Erin has learned anything from the end of the world, it's that humans are far scarier than any flesh-eating zombie. Deadlier too. ​​
The Serial Series:
​Carmen is a studious woman with a peculiar manner and an odd interest in the criminal mind, so you might imagine her delight when she finds herself in the middle of an FBI investigation into a serial killer, known as The Artist; a killer who literally turns his victims into works of art. It really is a dream come true...until it becomes a nightmare too real.